Gaps, crooked teeth – correcting teeth can be very unpleasant. Wearing traditional braces is a long and expensive process. bestsmile has a simpler and more affordable way to get a beautiful smile.






Wearing regular braces is a painful experience that makes chewing uncomfortable and requires a lot of appointments with the dentist. Corrections can take years and are expensive. bestsmile offers a better solution with braces that are 100% Swiss-made.

Straight to a “bestsmile”

This young company produces transparent braces for adults ­– known as clear aligners ­– and sells them directly in its own shops. bestsmile is the simple and affordable way to a beautiful smile. After making an appointment online, the first visit will involve taking a 3D scan of the teeth. At the next visit, the type and length of treatment will be discussed and the process get right away started. Treatments generally only last between three and twelve months, depending on how often the customer uses the aligner, without regular visits. Not only the treatment is simpler, it’s also more affordable. Both jaws cost a maximum of CHF 2990, which is up to three times cheaper than attached braces.

An innovative solution for a beautiful smile

Clear Aligner can be used for treating minor and moderate cases, for example misalignment of the incisors. The benefit to wearers is the transparent price and only having to make a few office visits. The aligner can be removed during lunch without worring about ruining the correction of the teeth. bestsmile offers an innovative way to get a beautiful smile at fair prices. This young company is known as a dental practice, but it also offers a shop. These shops employ trained dentists and dental assistants. There are currently eight locations throughout Switzerland, with four more planned for the end of 2019. The company also aims to be their patients’ first choice for small dental corrections. Experts are impressed with bestsmile’s rapid growth and its idea for revitalising the Swiss dental market. This is precisely why the SEF team of experts has awarded bestsmile the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label.


Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

July 2019