Implants of the future are metal-free. Ultimately, customers want sustainable, healthy solutions that do not have a detrimental impact on their bodies. This trend is also continuing for dental implants. In light of the shortcomings of conventional titanium implants, the start-up company Zircon Medical AG has developed a patented product made of zirconium dioxide with the brand name PatentTM that is superior in every respect to the implant systems previously used.

The established titanium implants, which are screwed in, have various disadvantages: Patients may suffer due to released bacteria or titanium intolerance. The consequences are long-term chronic inflammation, sometimes throughout the entire body, and possible loss of implants. Zircon Medical AG identified these issues early on and offer with the PatentTM implant systems dental implants that are not harmful to health and provide maximum patient benefit.


The new Patent™ implant system is based on the central principle that less is more. The innovative Patent™ implant system means fewer appointments, fewer surgical procedures and a lower risk of infection. The implant abutment is cemented rather than screwed, eliminating the bacteria gap and thus minimising the risk of infection. The Patent™ implant system has a very rough surface due to a patented high-tech process. This results in better contact with the bone, which in turn accelerates and improves the healing process. The rough surface also increases fracture stability and load capacity by a factor of three compared with titanium implants.


Back in 2003, the pioneers of Zircon Medical AG developed and patented the current ceramic-based solution. The implant system has since been continuously refined and used on patients. The success rate is at least 96 percent, as two studies have shown. This means it is the only ceramic-based system whose performance has been proven by long-term studies. Finally, thesolution developed by Zircon Medical AG has many customer benefits: Patients require fewer appointments, they are shorter and the risk of inflammation is lower. The ceramic-based implant is more sustainable overall and more cost-effective than conventional titanium products. This is precisely why the team of experts awarded Zircon Medical AG the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label.

Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

November 2019