With its free, high-tech ticketing system, Eventfrog is targeting a market that has to date been neglected by established ticket portals – the long tail of small, low-cost events and promoters of simpler events wishing to avoid the high fees charged by other portals.











Unlike its competitors, Eventfrog’s focus is not on income from fees, but instead on collecting event data and monetising the ecosystem surrounding this data. The aim is to offer segment-specific advertising products for advertisers, such as voucher spaces on tickets. Alongside this core business model, Eventfrog is aiming to become a one-stop shop for promoters and event-related services.

All-round service for the events

This enables event promoters to market their events free of charge via a professional ticketing platform with a comprehensive offering: an extensive calendar of events, integrated payment processing with various payment options, a mobile-optimised ticket shop, a venue planner with seat-specific ticketing and pricing, entry control via a smartphone app, advertising opportunities geared to specific target groups and additional revenues via sales of vouchers and advertising space. For their part, ticket buyers benefit from a platform that is easy to use, offers tailored to their interests and low-cost tickets. Eventfrog is aiming to offer the most comprehensive events calendar in German-speaking countries. Cooperation agreements are being concluded with regional event calendars to boost the scope of the events listed.

Do-it-yourself platform

From the registration of an event and the sale of tickets to the booking of additional services and the management of the guest list, organisers can do everything themselves at Eventfrog. For example, within just a few minutes, an event can be set up, a seating plan can be drawn up and ticket sales can commence. The developers of the ticketing platform believe that above-the-ordinary usability is extremely important, as this ensures that this process is very easy for the organisers and very little support is required. This self-service approach and a high degree of automation ensure that Eventfrog can also cope with rapid growth in terms of personnel.

Complete success

The company has already achieved impressive success in the ticketing market. The platform has handled in excess of 2.3 million tickets for more than 8,000 events since July 2016. Eventfrog very successfully relies on a strong “Word of Mouth” effect, i.e. recommendations from satisfied users. The company’s strengths are said to include its solid technical platform and the many years of experience it has in web and software development. Since it was launched in 2016, the company has won five awards, including the prestigious Master of Swiss Web 2017 and the international Disruptor of the Year Award 2018 from TheTicketingBusiness. All in all, SEF’s experts recognise the great growth potential of Eventfrog and have awarded the company the “SEF.High Potential SME” seal of quality.


Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

February 2019