No amount of money can buy a 25-hour day or compensate for a lost hour. Managers’ time is precious, yet many CEOs and senior managers spend countless hours in inefficient meetings. The software solution developed by Sherpany promises to remedy this dilemma.











Meetings represent a significant financial investment for companies. The estimated cost of unproductive meetings in Europe is EUR 32 billion per year. Sherpany has declared war on this meeting madness. The aim is to revolutionise management meetings and fully utilise their potential for added value. This is made possible by a newly developed meeting-software solution from the start-up company founded in 2010 by Agilentia AG.

Sherpany helps to invest time better

The tool allows the creation of private notes and provides immediate access to the history of a topic and to documents for multiple mandates with only a single login. The software automatically archives documents in compliance with the rules and also creates meeting folders. Sherpany is thus promoting the development of a new meeting culture within companies, with the focus being placed on making decisions, which means that the previously wasted meeting time can be freed up for work that creates added value.

Sherpany already has 75 employees

Sherpany is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Switzerland. Today, 75 specialists work globally from the company’s headquarters in Zurich as well as in branches in Lisbon, Milan, Paris, Berlin and Wroclaw. The successful software solution has already received several awards. In 2015, it was presented with two bronze awards in different categories at the Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) event. In 2017, Sherpany received a Stevie Silver Award as well as a Silver & Gold Award at Best of Swiss Apps (BOSA) – this time for the iOS and Windows apps. In 2018, the company was given the Bronze Award by Best of Swiss Web. In the past year, the company was honoured with two prestigious awards – the Stevie Gold Award for “Employer of the Year” (2018) and the label “High-Potential SME” from SEF4KMU.


Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential KMU

December 2018