The user-friendly online platform of Batmaid helps to find a trustworthy and professional cleaning professional without any hassle. Private households as well as companies in need are matched with a suitable cleaner for the desired time and date using an algorithm developed in-house. The process takes place without any paperwork or cash.

Since the founding of Vanguard Internet Services (known as in 2014 by Eric Laudet and Andreas Schollin-Borg, the company has evolved very favorably both on the customer side and in terms of the number of cleaners employed. The success is particularly based on a highly user-friendly and powerful online platform and a self-developed algorithm that brings the clients together with the available cleaners. This model makes it possible to pay housekeepers the highest declared wages on the market, while offering the lowest prices possible for customers. Because all maids are declared, Batmaid fights hard against the black market, offers to home cleaners a more serene future and generates extra revenue for the State.

No effort but best quality
After the booking of a cleaner, the customer no longer has to worry about anything. Batmaid takes care of the formalities, such as legal registration and the insurances of the staff. At the same time, the quality of cleaning staff is constantly maintained at a high level through a careful and demanding selection. In addition, a real proactive customer support is available to make sure users are fully satisfied. Beyond this constant quality control, the competitive price is a central USP of this start-up.

High automation delivers low prices 
The rapid growth of Batmaid shows that an existing customer problem is being solved. The algorithm designed by the company promises a high degree of automation and optimization. Therefore, prices, which is one of the most important decision criteria in the private cleaning market, can be kept low for the end customer. The growth rates in this market are already very high. As a result of positive economies of scale combined with more professionalisation these figures will continue to grow as the company continues its journey. This is why the team of experts has awarded Vanguard Internet SA (Batmaid) with the quality label “SEF.High-Potential SME”.


Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

October 2018

SEF.High-Potential SME Batmaid