greenTEG AG is developing thermal sensors for heat flux measurement, whereby the core body temperature of a living being can be measured non-invasively yet very accurately. Knowing this vital parameter allows statements about the health of an organism. greenTEG’s portfolio thus includes an attractive range of products for the growing markets of wearables and predictive diagnostics.

greenTEG AG was founded in 2009 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich by Dr Wulf Glatz and Dr Etienne Schwyter. The start-up company develops, produces and markets thermal sensors for heat flux, laser power and position measurements. Since it was founded, the company has built up a broad international customer base with a global distribution network. The sensors manufactured entirely in Switzerland are already used in various applications, such as laser power measurement, building services engineering, or the characterization of materials and industrial processes. With its latest innovation for the non-invasive measurement of body core temperature, the company plans to continue to grow strongly.

Several USPs for the growing markets of wearables and predictive diagnostics
Using greenTEG’s technology, core body temperature can be measured non-invasively and more accurately than with traditional measuring devices. In addition, the sensor can be integrated into practically any portable device that has contact with the user’s skin. Knowledge about changes in core body temperature can deliver statements about the ideal training level of athletes, sleep quality, level of stress, status of ovulation and much more. Thanks to its miniaturization, the sensor can be integrated into practically any portable device that comes into contact with the skin, making it extremely attractive to manufacturers of wearables, devices that are worn on the body and provide the wearer or a specialist with medical information. Further applications can be found in the field of predictive diagnostics, i.e. the predicting diagnosis before a serious health problem occurs. The start-up Piavita is already for example successfully integrating greenTEG technology into its applications.

Immense technological capability
The current performance outlook for greenTEG is strong, and there are no comparable core body measurement devices on the market yet. The start-up company possesses great technological capability in the area of thermal sensors for heat flux measurement and its integration into other devices. The management has solid plans how to scale up production. The SEF4KMU expert team considers the greenTEG AG to have high growth potential, and so has awarded the company the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label.

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Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

September 2018

SEF.High-Potential SME greenTEG