The digital revolution is presenting companies with major challenges. Agility and soft skills are in demand, and neither companies nor employees know how to meet the constantly growing and changing requirements. What’s more, there is rarely enough time for regular intensive further training in the modern working world. Coorpacademy has adapted its learning platform to deal with these specific challenges and thus offers the optimum solution.

The working world functions quite differently today than 20 years ago: There is now a need for more than just specialist knowledge. Considerable flexibility as well as strong social, personal and methodical skills (soft skills) are also crucial. Apprenticeships and university courses rarely stress the development of these skills. Yet proactivity, analytical thinking and communication skills are among the most sought-after skills. However, there is no obvious blueprint for learning such skills.

21st-century learning

This is where Coorpacademy comes in: Founded in 2013, the start-up offers B2B training to entrepreneurs and employees in a way that allow them to continue their professional development despite their hectic working lives. The app offers over 1000 courses, 1250 videos and 20 new chapters every month. Proprietary courses can be recorded and used in the cockpit function, for example, to simplify and accelerate the onboarding of new employees and the introduction of new processes.

When learning becomes a game

Most online learning tools are often monotonous and boring. The founders of Coorpacademy therefore considered it important to focus on users and maximise their fun and learning. The concept involves four pillars: flexibility, community, gamification and inverted learning. The courses are designed to encompass not just traditional learning, but also microlearning – five-minute sessions that can be studied anytime, anywhere; in the train, over coffee or at the bus stop. Before they start their course, users take a test to evaluate their current knowledge. The whole learning process is structured like a game, which can be played alone or in a group: In the “Battle Mode” employees can challenge each other in friendly battles. In addition, learners earn badges that indicate their learning status. So learning becomes a captivating game instead of tedious cramming. This is precisely why the our experts has awarded Coorpacademy the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label.


Awarded as
SEF.High-Potential SME

October 2019