• Jörg Schönberg & Philip Bucher
    Jörg Schönberg & Philip Bucher Founders Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG

    «The valuable and useful inputs of the team of experts put the finishing touches to our business model and paved the way to funding the expansion of our production unit.»

    • Michael Born
      Michael Born Founder & CFO Dacuda AG

      «Thanks to the growth initiative we could access external funds and equity very fast.»

      • Gery Colombo
        Gery Colombo CEO Hocoma AG

        «The SEF.High-Potential Label has helped us to gain new investors and to secure new growth capital.»

        • Sandro Schmid
          Sandro Schmid CEO AAAccell

          «The collaboration with SEF4KMU was professional, pleasant and productive.The examination of the experts has enabled us to sharpen our profile and adapt our strategy. The journey was the reward and the label the coronation.»

          • David Allemann Founder On AG

            «The independent team of experts verified our growth strategy and helped us access growth funding.»

            • Christian Schaub
              Christian Schaub CEO Redbiotec AG

              «The SEF.High-Potential label has paved the way for new investors. We now have an excellent foundation to achieve our ambitious goals.»

              • Jean-Paul In-Albon
                Jean-Paul In-Albon CEO Eversys AG

                «The support of the experts has helped us make crucial optimizations to our growth strategy and thanks to the extended credit limits we can implement those changes without compromises.»

                • Richard Ettl
                  Richard Ettl CEO SkyCell AG

                  «As a SEF.High-Potential SME we profit from an access to a broad network of interesting entrepreneurs and a stronger presence in several media channels and at events.»

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