How does the strategy check  work?

The strategy check is part of a certified qualification process.

Gradual steps towards growth


Register for the SEF4KMU growth initiative. You will then receive a login code for the private online platform. This is where you will enter the initial information about your company.



Your registration details will be checked within three working days. If you fulfil our entry requirements, we will activate you for the advanced data entry stage.


The purpose of the advanced data entry stage is for you to present your company and your growth strategy. It essentially relies on your business plan or investor presentation and your financial and liquidity plan.

To evaluate your growth objectives, it is important to see a breakdown of your current financial figures as well as your annual accounts for previous years.


We will check your documents within one week of you completing the data entry stage. If the analysis of potential is positive, we will continue the qualification process together.


We put together a team of domain experts and experienced entrepreneurs specifically for your company and growth plans.

We will attempt to arrange a suitable time for the experts to visit your company, preferably within one month. During a three-hour company visit, you will present your growth plans and discuss them with the team of experts.


You will receive detailed feedback from us in the form of an expert report. The expert report forms the basis of our decision to award the «SEF.High-Potential SME» label.



If you score high in the qualification process you will be awarded the quality label «SEF.High-Potential SME». The quality label will enable you to improve your presence on the market and increase acceptance amongst customers and investors. It will also give you access to all of our partners’ growth modules.

The label is valid for 12 months. It is also possible to extend the label for a further 12 months. Due to the strategy evaluation required for this procedure, an administrative fee applies.

Growth modules

As part of the qualification process, you will receive access to our partners’ growth modules.
The path towards the growth of your company has now been paved. Good luck!


We’re happy to help.