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The point where the individual company bumps against its limits is where Swissmem’s business starts. SMEs in particular value the free legal advice or the access to subsector-specific networks. They also benefit from preferential pricing for first-class training and continuing professional education offerings. With the power of over 1,000 member companies behind it, Swissmem gives the sector a voice that is heard in the political and public sphere.

Swissmem is the leading association for the Swiss mechanical, electrical and metals industries (MEM industry) and related technology-oriented sectors. Membership is worthwhile for SMEs and large companies from many points of view.

We have the answers to your labour and business law questions

Member companies benefit from competent and practical legal advice, free of charge. Qualified experts answer questions on labour law and provide human resources professionals with a range of legal assistance. Swissmem’s business lawyers specialise in contract law (purchasing, work, agency, distribution and technology licensing contracts, OEM and confidentiality agreements), draw up or check general terms and conditions of business and provide information on EU technical law.

We provide strong SME networks

Swissmem runs 27 specialist groups covering the various subsectors. These sub-associations foster exchanges of information and participation in joint marketing activities, such as exhibiting at national and international trade fairs. In addition, member firms benefit from the production of information, statistics and indicators specific to their profession or sector.

We provide appropriate research partners for innovation projects

Swissmem’s innovation advisers support companies in analysing innovation potential and defining concrete projects. They check the need for knowledge and technology transfer and use their experience of the Swiss research environment to supply the appropriate R&D partners. Its coaches can also help in formulating applications for project funding.

We provide you with pragmatic support in the digitalisation process

Swissmem is one of the umbrella organisations of the “Industry 2025” initiative, which is committed to promoting Industry 4.0 in Switzerland. Through events and training sessions and by developing concrete instruments, it provides companies with assistance in realising digital projects. The Quickstarter 2025 and Opportunity 2025 online tools are particularly noteworthy. The first provides a simple, resource-saving step-by-step guide to a successful start to the digitalisation process. The second offers a way of checking your own fitness for digital business models and contains recommendations for action.

We get you fit for the future thanks to targeted HR development

Swissmem Academy understands industry’s training needs and focuses on these. In addition to offering a wide range of apprenticeships and seminars, it organises in-company training sessions as well as individual and team coaching. All its offerings set great value on practical relevance and transferability to everyday working experience. Member companies benefit from preferential pricing in all training offerings.

We stand up for you in the political arena

An optimum operational framework for industry in Switzerland is not a matter of course. Swissmem represents its sector’s interests in the political, administrative, media and public spheres. The association maintains contacts with the Federal Council and key members of the federal administration, holds regular meetings with members of Parliament, works in federal commissions and takes positions in regular consultation processes.

Further information on Swissmem is available on our website, where you can also order our membership documentation, without any obligation.Swissmem