Philip Bucher earned his doctorate at the ETH Zurich as an industrial and production engineer and worked as Head of Group Marketing of Geberit International in Jona. He is now managing director of a beer brewery. At the networking lunch on March 29, 2019, he reported on his experiences with the founding of Doppelleu, the number one specialty beer in Switzerland.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur”, explains Philip Bucher. He realized this dream in 2010. That’s when the upturn for craft beers in Switzerland began. Philip Bucher decided there and then to capitalise on that success. Just four years later, the company received the «SEF.High-Potential SME quality label and in 2016 it won the SEF.Award. With this label and the award under its belt, the company was able to grow and increase its chance of success. “Up until the ’90s, Switzerland was considered the most boring country in the world for beer production”, says Philip Bucher. With the label and the award, the company was able to grow and increase its chance of success. “We were still very young and uncertain whether we would make it. Thanks to the label, expansion and financing were possible and the trust of the employees increased as a result,” explains Philip Bucher. Winning the award made it possible to increase sales, Philip Bucher continued.

Chopfab – a beer that lives long in the memory

“A successful company needs a clear strategy. With fourteen sales representatives, we are very present. The more a company is present in the retail trade, the more it appeals to the catering trade. Design plays an important role here,” emphasises the entrepreneur. Today, Doppelleu has a market share of 36% in the catering trade and 64% in the retail trade. Doppelleu’s diverse range of beers focuses on satisfying varied tastes. The company produces beers on three different levels – from an enjoyable beer to have with dinner, to speciality beer, through to the basic black can with white font. In addition to the diversity of the beers, the product is also remembered because of its name. The beer called Chopfab (in French, la chope fabuleuse = the fabulous beer) has a good market value, not just in German-speaking Switzerland, but also in French-speaking Switzerland. The merger with Boxer AG in Lausanne is also helping sales in West Switzerland. While Boxer’s sales organization concentrates primarily on French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland, Doppelleu focuses on German-speaking Switzerland.

For Franco Chicherio, Head of Start-ups and Entrepreneurship at the Swiss Economic Forum, it is gratifying to see how successful Doppelleu is: “We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and that is precisely why there is SEF4KMU, the growth initiative for high-growth young companies and SMEs”. The networking of more than fifty experienced and young entrepreneurs makes the networking lunches exciting, continues Franco Chicherio. Together with Franco Chicherio, the whole SEF4KMU team is already looking forward to the next networking events and to accompanying further companies within the framework of SEF4KMU.

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