On the 20th September we held our second SEF4KMU Networking Lunch in Bern with entrepreneur and sociologist Leyla Acaroglu. She kept to our motto “food for mind and body”.

With Australian Charm and a dynamic appearance, our speaker Leyla Acaroglu convinced our participants that she deserves her nickname “provocateur”.

Participatory style
With her participatory style she encouraged them to think along and not just to listen. From her point of view, design and creativity can be used wonderfully as catalysts for change. However, first one has to become aware of how the human brain, especially the limbic system with its centre, the amygdala, functions. Humans have no conscious control over the reactions caused by the amygdala, reactions manifested in the course of evolution. One examples is our reaction to anxiety, whether we run away, are paralysed or fight back. Our perception and thinking is further influenced by cognitive distortions. These facts lead to the conclusion that we need to reconfigure our brains completely in order to really solve certain problems and not just create fake solutions that cause more of the same problems. Leyla Acaroglu also states that the best way to get to know our problems is to look at them closely, from every angle to be able to judge and grasp them correctly, i.e. as on a date with a potential partner. Only when we really understand a problem can wer solve it.

Transition to a circular economy
Leyla uses her method of argumentation for problems in connection with climate change and for the transition from a linear to a circular economy.
However, she also teaches at various institutes and through different workshops. Her method can very well be used by companies to create innovations that solve real problems for customers and are therefore in demand.

The next SEF4KMU Networking Lunch takes place on November 29 with our guest and speaker, Patrick Thévoz, CEO and Co-Founder of Flyability, an indoor drone manufacturer.
Save also the dates for our Networking Lunches next year.
– March 26, 2019, in Zurich
– June 27, 2019, in Berne
– August 22, 2019, in Basel
– Octobre 3, 2019, in Lausanne

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Here you can find the speech of Leyla Acaroglu at the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit 2018 about circular economy.