Imagine taking the elevator down to a motorbike workshop on the 3rd basement floor of an inconspicuous house somewhere in the middle of Lausanne to participate at a business event. Does that sound a little bit crazy? Maybe, but that was very much the case last week for our SEF4KMU Networking Lunch at Rideshaper.

Robin Brugerolle, Founder of Rideshaper, greeted the guests and us with a very warm welcome at Le Bercail, a social club for motorcycle enthusiasts who gather to repair, maintain and customise their motorbikes. Surrounded by bikes in different stages, our participants were inspired to think differently and escape the routine of daily life. Rideshaper is a MassChallenge Finalist and their business model works through memberships. Motorcyclists gain access to fully decked out “do it yourself” bays to start wrenching on their machines. Above all they can rely on the know-how of fellow “do-it-yourself”-engineers to help them out if need arises. Robin Brugerolle also rents out his 400sqm space to companies for events such as ours.

How to scale up a start-up
Patrick Thévoz, CEO and Co-Founder of Flyability was our main speaker. In an interview with Felix E. Müller, former editor in chief of the “NZZ am Sonntag” was questioning about the development of Flyability in the last 4 years since the foundation of the company. Mr. Thévoz explained how the company grew from the idea of “exploring the remains of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima” to having over 80 employees. He gave insights to the challenges the company had to overcome, what gaps and benefits one can gain through financing rounds and how he sees his role as a CEO of a company in the growth phase.
After this extensive discussion the participants enjoyed Greek tapas and networked among themselves.

Next Networking Events
Save the following dates in 2019 to be able to be part of the SEF4KMU Networking Lunches:

– March 26, 2019, in Zurich
– June 27, 2019, in Berne
– August 22, 2019, in Basel
– October 3, 2019, in Lausanne

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